Why Use D & S Insurance Services?

First and foremost, service. Instead of spending your valuable time addressing any problems that may arise, you call us. We’ll do the leg work and get the problem solved. We work for you.

Over the years we have developed relationships with key people in underwriting, membership, and sales. We are your “insider” with the insurance company. We are independent insurance brokers/consultants so our interest is to serve you, our client. When there is a problem or delay in underwriting, or after you have received the policy, we are here to help you…at no extra cost.

Health insurance companies are huge companies with tens of thousands of employees. Some are extremely knowledgeable and others are fairly new in an ever-changing industry. Their processes can be difficult to understand and company owners, individuals, and families have been turning to us for assistance for over 20 years.

Health insurance consultants are professionals who specialize in assisting businesses and individuals in assessing their insurance needs and creating an insurance plan that will meet those needs.

In terms of the business world, a health insurance consultant may help a business or corporation develop health and life insurance plans for employees as well as assess the types of corporate insurance coverage needed to create a viable risk management coverage program. For individuals, a health insurance consultant can often help identify programs that will assist with health and life insurance coverage as well as assist in evaluating and securing insurance related to specific needs such as long term disability, long term care, and many other ancillary products.

The ultimate goal of a health insurance consultant is to make sure the client receives the highest quality insurance coverage for the most reasonable outlay in premiums. This often means balancing the insurance needs of the client with the amount of insurance premiums the client can reasonably afford to pay. While an insurance consultant can choose to take on individual and corporate clients, it is more common for the consultant to focus on the business sector or the private sector when seeking new clients.