It is hard to turn on the television today or look on the computer and not hear about super foods. Super foods are really foods we should be eating anyway. They offer eating healthy alternatives to processed foods and those with minimal value. Super foods are packed with minerals, vitamins and have other aspects that can improve our health. Let’s take a look at one super food you may already have in your pantry…beans.

Beans. Beans are chock-full of insoluble fiber which is great in the reduction of cholesterol which in turn is good for your heart. Beans also contain soluble fiber that will help your body get rid of waste and help fill you up. They have a lot of protein and carbohydrates as well as potassium and magnesium. Soybeans are great because they have omega-3 fatty acids.

At D&S Insurance Services, we support eating healthier and learning more about these and other super foods. They can perhaps help you enjoy more of what life offers and for a longer period of time.

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