Pharmacies are not all created equally. Some have higher markups than others, and thus charge higher prices for their drugs. The price is higher regardless of whether or not you have insurance, unless it’s a straight HMO plan with a set co-pay. However, the price is especially high at certain pharmacies if you do have insurance. If you’re in a sticky insurance situation or don’t have insurance at all, you have to know where to shop to get the best deals on your medications.

Costco and Target Have You Covered

Costco and Target have some of the cheapest prescription drugs on the market. Their markups are small, and you can save a bundle if you get generics. They’re even cheaper than Wal-Mart on a lot of the higher-end drugs. Anyone can go to Costco and use the pharmacy, whether you’re a member or not. It’s against the law to require someone to be a member to use an in-store pharmacy. Plus, of course, Target is open to the public with no memberships involved at all.

These are both excellent choices for your prescription medication needs. Just make sure your doctor writes on your prescription that generics are permissible to use, so you’ll be sure to get the lowest price. To get a quote for an affordable prescription drug insurance plan in California, please contact D&S Insurance Services.