Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, Americans don’t have to face a world without health insurance.  To make doubly certain of this, the bill has imposed a fine upon individuals who have withheld themselves from ensuring to insure.  

This is a friendly reminder from D&S Insurance Services that the deadline for acquiring health insurance is March 31st.  Individuals found to be without insurance after that time face a fine.  The fine is calculated as either one percent of your household income above the poverty line, or a flat fee of $95 per person in your household who remains uninsured.  This fine will increase on an annual basis.

With enrollments in the Affordable Care Act lagging far behind projected estimates, it’s important to ensure your family’s long-term health and financial planning.  Take a moment today to check and be certain that you’ve enrolled in coverage that will keep you from paying the price… literally and figuratively.

For more information about enrollment deadlines, the Affordable Care Act, or individual health insurance, D&S Insurance Services has you Covered California.