Thanks to recent health care reforms those that have been previously declined for individual health insurance will now find that they can acquire the health coverage they need at affordable prices. Guaranteed issue means that health insurance companies can no longer reject an individual based on their prior health conditions or prior medical history, and this means that virtually everyone is guaranteed an insurance policy.

There are five different types of coverage available through Covered California for Individuals to provide a multitude of coverage options for those with different budgets.

  • Catastrophic coverage is available to those under the age of 30 and provides a high deductible but a very low premium cost.
  • Bronze coverage is the lowest premium cost that families and those over the age of 30 can get and covers 60 percent.
  • Silver coverage is the second lowest premium cost and covers 70 percent.
  • Gold coverage is the third lowest premium cost and covers 80 percent.
  • Platinum coverage is the highest premium cost but covers a full 90 percent.

For more information of the different types of health plans available through Covered California for Individuals contact D&S Insurance Services for a free quote. Those that were denied health insurance before, come January 1st, will now be able to successfully apply for insurance coverage.  Get in touch with an agent at D&S Insurance Services, no later than October 1st, with your DOB, zip code, and dependent information (if you are covering any dependents),  for health insurance coverage.