There are many natural methods that people can use to keep their teeth white and avoid expensive bleaching procedures or harmful bleaching materials. Natural teeth whitening avoids harmful chemicals and allows you to bleach your teeth at home without having to go to a dentist.

How to Whiten Your Teeth Naturally

One of the best methods of teeth whitening is actually to prevent staining at all. This means avoiding dark liquids such as colas and coffees, brushing teeth regularly and avoiding smoking. All of these things alone will keep teeth much whiter than they would be ordinarily.

Eating hard materials such as vegetables and fruits will clean the plaque off of teeth. Plaque is the material that is usually stained, not the enamel, so cleaning off plaque regularly will help reduce the appearance of staining. Stains can also be removed with baking soda, which is completely harmless and included in many toothpastes. Interestingly, cheese has also been found to reduce stains on teeth. Eating cheese after a meal may be able to reduce both stains and cavities due to the milk protein within it.

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