Covered California SHOP services are intended to help small businesses provide group health insurance for their employees. The program is available to any businesses that have fewer than 50 employees. Small businesses may find providing health care extremely expensive and challenging, but the SHOP program seeks to reduce these costs overall while still providing quality healthcare to the employees. Employers still have control over different types of group health policies that are available which means they can still pay more to offer their employees more coverage if they want to or they can pay less if their budget demands it.

The California SHOP service doesn’t just improve on costs, it also makes life much easier for the employer. The employer does not need to research different insurance options or pursue insurance quotes on their own. Instead, they can simply go through the SHOP service for all their insurance needs while still maintaining control over their insurance coverage. Employers will be able to provide their employees with all of the regular insurance options at a much lower cost and with much less stress.

For more information about how Covered California SHOP works, and to get a quote in and out of the exchange, contact D&S Insurance Services.