If you’re anxious about the rapidly approaching date on which the Affordable Health Care Act becomes law, you are probably confused about what to look for when looking for the best health insurance coverage. The details of any insurance plan and its cost are important considerations, but, there are other equally important things to look at before purchasing individual health insurance.

♦ Ask your doctor about their experience with the plan. They’ve probably had input from their patients, and this may help you decide if the plan is right for you.

♦ Look at independent ratings from government and non-governmental organizations. One important resource is National Committee for Quality Insurance’s report called the Consumer Assessment of Health Plans. The committee releases reports for all health plans and medical facilities in the country.

♦ Find out whether the plan is accredited by organizations such as the Joint Commission on the Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations.

♦ Look for complaints against the company that were either filed with the state insurance regulatory commission or the state’s board of medical licensing.

♦ Go to the state department of insurance and inquire as to the number of enrolled members who leave the plan each year.

♦ Will you be able to see doctors, or obtain other services from providers you choose and at convenient times for you?

♦ Inquire as to whether the plan offers coverage for basic preventive care, or for important diagnostic screening tests, essential immunizations, and other critical diagnostic procedures.

♦ Talk to your friends and family members and get their input. They will be completely honest with you.

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