Find out what to know about getting the right health insurance coverage after open enrollment.

Under the Affordable Care Act, all citizens are required to purchase health insurance. It’s important to sign up for coverage during the open enrollment period. However, sometimes you miss the deadline. Whether you’ve lost your coverage or changed jobs, it’s important that you get the health insurance that you need. Check out what you need to know about obtaining coverage after the open enrollment deadline.

Special Enrollment.

If you’ve missed the open enrollment deadline, you may be able to get coverage under special enrollment. Special enrollment allows you to obtain coverage if you’ve experienced a qualifying life event.

Qualifying Life Events.

  • Loss of Coverage. Whether you’ve lost your job, eligibility for Medicare, or coverage through a family member, you may qualify for special enrollment.
  • Moving. When you move, it’s important that you consider how it may affect your health insurance coverage. A change in residence whether it’s across town or across the country may qualify you for special enrollment within 60 days of your moving date.
  • Household Changes. Within the past 60 days, if you’ve experienced a change in the size of your household, you may qualify for special coverage. From having a baby to getting divorced, if your household has changed, you may qualify for coverage.

How to Enroll in Special Enrollment.

When it comes to qualifying for special enrollment, ask yourself a few questions. Then if you qualify, you’re able to apply online or through the Marketplace Call Center. Keep in mind that you may need documentation to prove your eligibility.

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