Group health insurance is something a lot of people in the corporate, working world enjoy. Their employers pay a large part of their premiums, and they know they’re covered if something goes wrong with their health. Many plans also cover their families, too, and there’s little for them to worry about. However, business owners have more to pay attention to, especially with the coming changes. They’re the ones that must make sure they’re providing proper coverage to their employees.

For purposes of the law, coverage has to be given to full time employees. That means those who work 30 hours or more per week, on a monthly average. Part-time workers don’t have to be covered by their employers. If an employer chooses not to comply with the new law, there are stiff fines and penalties. It’s also important that they revise and update any employee handbooks to reflect the idea that full-time is 30 hours per week. In the past it was 32 hours, and that simply difference could cause both confusion and compliance issues.

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