Here in California, the Affordable Care Act means that you may need to fill out the Covered California application. This “smart” online application will help to direct you to the most applicable health insurance coverage for your particular situation. Before you begin to complete the Covered California application, here are some pieces of information you should have in front of you.

The application is web based so you will need an Internet connected computer or device to submit the application. After you read through the privacy information and set up your account, you will be asked information regarding your household. Next, you will be required to enter information regarding your income as some forms of health insurance coverage are based on income level and household size. Finally, you’ll receive verification that your application was completed. You will receive information regarding which health insurance plans best suit your needs, in addition to options for signing up for health care coverage.

D&S Insurance Services, located in Torrance, CA offers health insurance assistance for those living in California. If you would like personalized assistance with your Covered California application or with understanding the Affordable Care Act, contact us today!