The 2010 Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is designed to allot health benefits to the millions of Americans currently uninsured. The new law, which is familiar to many as Obamacare, is enacted because the government believes that a health care reform is necessary. The law envisions all Americans becoming insured at a fair price.

The law calls for Americans to at least be enrolled for health insurance by March 31, otherwise they will be penalized. Open enrollment for a coverage plan is only until December, therefore now is the perfect time to act and enroll for those without a plan.

In California, one of the ways that individuals and small business can get health insurance is if they apply through state-operated marketplaces such as the Covered California. Enrollment is made easy by providers of healthcare insurance policies such as D&S Insurance Services.

With the assistance of D&S Insurance Services, Covered California application is easily completed. Applicants only need a computer with Internet connection to submit their applications. Applicants are asked standard questions such as information on their household and their income.

It is not too late to be covered. Health insurance can provide peace of mind and is a smart investment for everyone. The only thing to do is enroll.

To understand more about the Covered California Application or to understand the deeper implications of the Affordable Care Act in California, call D&S Insurance Services. D&S Insurance Services is located in Torrance, CA.