D&S Insurance Services offers assistance with Medicare enrollment. We offer advice about choosing the plan that’s right for you especially during this Affordable Health Care Act transition.

How Can D&S Insurance Services Help You?

You can turn to us for guidance whether or not you need insurance just for yourself or also for your spouse and children. We answer all questions about the various tiers of coverage available and we also determine if you qualify for Medicare based on your current health condition.

If you have any concerns about the various aspects of major medial are or the supplemental medical assistance (Part A,B,C or D) options offered today, feel free to ask us about that as well. Furthermore, you can ask us about the benefits of seeking coverage from a private company versus obtaining Medicare.

However, know that we don’t just take your money and abandon you. Any time you need information about making a claim or you have general questions, you can call upon us. We assist all our valuable customers 24 hours a day 7 days a week and we also provide plenty of online resources for you to browse.

Aside from help in Medicare in enrollment for major medical coverage, we also provide help with seeking vision, chiropractic and dental care. For more information about health insurance, please contact D&S Insurance today.