The Affordable Care Act (ACA) will effect the demographics of zip code in the U.S. Most of the fervor in many locales has to do with factors affecting individual health insurance. California has a full list of changes born of the ACA that will effect a broad swath of its citizens.

If you live in California, then you need to get in “the know.” Get familiar with the covered California health insurance exchange. A health insurance exchange is a platform for buyers to “shop” and assess which providers have the most appropriate coverage packages. Knowing yourself, your loved ones and individual household and personal needs will give you an edge in selecting the best company for you.

Avoid going in without knowledge, as some providers may take advantage of your vulnerabilities and “stick” you with a package sub par in regard to your needs. Things you may need to know include, but are not limited to, related tax benefits and penalties, medical provider classifications and more.

D & S Insurance Services agents provide comprehensive knowledge on the ACA in regard to individual health insurance packages. Contact us as an information resource for California residents.