Those who purchase their own individual coverage packages for insurance will find that they will receive new options thanks to Covered California for Individuals. Guaranteed issue will mean that virtually anyone who wants health insurance will be able to acquire it because insurance companies will no longer be able to reject individuals for prior conditions or their medical history. Essential health benefits will mean that all plans, even lower tier plans, will need to provide an essential amount of coverage as has been determined by the government. Taken together, this means that individuals will all be able to acquire the basic health coverage that they need.

Individuals and families who wish to use Covered California for Individuals will be able to select from five different tiers of plans that include many options for many budgets. The Catastrophic Plan is the lowest tier that will provide help for medical emergencies while the Platinum plan will have a high premium but will cover up to 90 percent of the value of medical expenses. This means families can get the insurance they need based on their budget.

Come January 1st, those that have been denied health insurance in the past will now be able to successfully apply for insurance coverage.  Get in touch with an agent at D&S Insurance Services, no later than October 1st, with your DOB, zip code, and dependent information (if you are covering any dependents),  for health insurance coverage.