4 Unhealthy Work Habits You Should Avoid

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Maintain your health by avoiding these unhealthy choices at work. Going into work every day doesn’t seem like a health risk for most people.  However, many employees have unhealthy work habits that could impact their health over time.  Avoid making these bad decisions at work and start feeling your best every day! 1) Sitting too long Most Americans spend more than half of their day in a sedentary position.  Sitting for too long can lead to...

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Making the Most of Your Dental Plan

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Learn how you can maximize your dental coverage. While many people hate making the trip to the dentist’s office, no one can deny the importance of dental health.  Maintaining your oral care can reduce your risk for disease, cancers, and even heart disease.  To keep your mouth healthy, invest in dental insurance and learn how to make the most of your plan with these tips. Understand your plan Make sure your read through your plan carefully. ...

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Here’s What to Know About Using Your Health Insurance

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Use your health insurance properly! Open enrollment closed January 31, 2017. Now that you have health coverage, know how to use it. Here’s what everyone should know about using their health care policy. Insurance Card. Make sure to always have your insurance card handy. It has all your important insurance information. When you visit a new doctor, they’ll ask to see your insurance card so that you can use your insurance. Plus, if you have any...

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Football is Back! Celebrate with This Fun Tailgating Recipe

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It’s finally football season!  Get back in the game with these tasty treats. When September hits, it’s time to get your tailgate on!  Even if you don’t tailgate, celebrate the first game of the season with some delicious eats.  Round up your buddies, grab a drink, and get ready to ring in football season with this fun and easy recipe. Field Goal Guacamole and Touchdown Tortilla Chips For the Guacamole Ingredients 3 avocados 2 roma...

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Keep Your Employees Healthy with These Wellness Tips for Your Office

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Learn how to improve health and wellness in your workplace. Keeping your employees can often be challenging. With long hours and stressful deadlines, health often takes a back seat to daily office tasks. However, it’s important that you incorporate wellness into your workplace. Check out these tips to help you take initiative and promote health and wellness into your company culture. Determine Health Goals. It’s important to understand the...

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