Although the Affordable Care Act has been seen as a headache by many, it does have some wonderful benefits for consumers. One such benefit is the free wellness and preventive exams that all health plans, even HSAs, must offer under the ACA.

In the past, patients may have avoided shelling out large co-pays for routine check-ups when they were not ill. Often, this lack of preventive care led to larger issues going unaddressed for years until they became an expensive, major health crisis. People should not have to worry about niggling health problems because of the expense of a wellness exam.

The ACA seeks to provide free, routine exams to everyone to ensure that small problems do not become big ones. While these visits are different from a regular physical, they can help people understand their health needs more clearly. The hope is that wellness and preventive care exams will help doctors screen for common problems like improper medication and depression. Preventive care visits give patients a chance to share health concerns with a doctor, and they will also provide peace of mind that major health problems will not be unaddressed.

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