Many of us have unhealthy workplace habits that we need to change. A lot of people are not aware that some of these habits affect our health and wellness factors. A lot of these habits occur because we are sitting at a desk for 8 hours or more. Although you may have been doing these unhealthy workplace habits for a while, they are able to be changed.

1. One of the most common unhealthy workplace habits is a messy desk. Purchase folders and storage drawers to help you become more organized than you are. Everything in your office needs its own place.

2. Poor posture is yet another unhealthy workplace habit that a lot of people are guilty of doing. Poor posture can put a terrible strain on your back and your neck. To avoid becoming a victim of poor posture, your feet need to be on the floor and your back should be straight against the chair.

3. Staying in your office or cubicle for the duration of your work period is not a good idea. Even though you may have the best posture in the world, your mind and body could fall asleep when you are stationary. Move around a little bit and stretch. This is a great way to refresh your mind.

4. Don’t be a gossip. Drama is common in the workplace, but don’t fall into the hype. Not only does gossiping look bad, but it’s not professional and it has the ability to affect your productivity.

5. Some of us can snack with the best of them. The quickest snacks to prepare are the ones that are unhealthy. Doughnuts and cookies are not the healthiest snacks. Try to pack a few healthy snacks, such as fruits and vegetables before you go to work.

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