What happens when we get sedentary? The answer to that: everything that we don’t to happen. Perhaps you were a star high school athlete or celebrated high-energy dancer. But now, as you have accumulated compound complexities in life, you have lost track of your new year’s resolutions to get in shape once and for all. You’re aware of what you need to do. Getting healthy and staying healthy will require taking steps in making exercise a regular part of your life.

3 Benefits of Exercise

Exercise induces weight loss. A number of studies combined with large numbers of “living proof” signify that exercise is best for those desiring to lose weight. In working muscles that have been inactive for long periods of time, you will burn calories. Exercise is also known to speed the metabolism, which is the “other side” of weight loss.

Exercise improves heart health. Cardiovascular work outs as well as weight training put good strain on the heart. Controlled strain is good strain. A good guess is that exercising and strengthening other muscles can redistribute some of the stressed placed on the heart.

Exercise is best for the elderly. You may be under the impression that weight training and cardio may be bad for the elderly. Nothing could be further from the truth. In exercising we grow lean muscle. The growth of those lean muscles will increase metabolism and help burn more fat at any age.

Health insurance providers actually assess exercise as a part of a person’s profile in risk. If you take care of your body, you are likely to get slightly better rates than someone that does not care for themselves. D & S Insurance services carries a number of different insurance packages for people of all health categories. Contact one of our agents for in-depth look at what a good insurance package is for you.